Company Profile

In May 2016, Qingdao Huatong State-owned Capital Operation (Group) Co., Ltd. led the establishment of a state-owned specialized general aviation industry development company, Qingdao United General Aviation Industry Development Co., Ltd. (by Qingdao Municipal Government Standing Committee. Referred to as "United General Aviation", the English abbreviation "UGA"). UGA, focused on gathering aviation talents, integrating navigation resources, improving manufacturing levels, promoting industrial agglomeration, and deepening international cooperation, is committed to the construction of "regional general aviation industry ecosystem", "city’s helicopter application demonstration system" and "Shandong Peninsula General Aviation Service central system"
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  • H135 helicopter assembly
  • H135 helicopter sales
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  • General Airport Construction Operations
  • Construction and operation of landing sites
  • General aviation operation

Governmental Support

Development Background

In October 2016, with the witness of Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Merkel, UGA and Airbus Helicopters signed the “Industrial Cooperation Milestone Document” to establish the H135 helicopter assembly line in Qingdao.

In November 2016, introducing a partnership with central enterprises, UGA signed a joint venture agreement with China Aviation Supplies Holding Company , and established a joint venture company in Qingdao, “Qingdao United Airlines Co., Ltd.” to jointly build a helicopter industry ecosystem.

In April 2017, with the witness of Lin Nianxiu, deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission, Meng Fanli, mayor of Qingdao, and Fabrice Brégier the chief operating officer of Airbus, UGA signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Airbus Helicopters.

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